Alexian Brothers Care Centre

Welcome to Alexian Brothers Care Centre, Manchester

The Alexian Brothers founded the facility in 1875. The Care Centre is home to 74 residents and is set within mature grounds, in a secure, gated development.

So what makes Alexian Brothers different?

Well it’s the simple fact that we are a community. When you enter our building you will discover that it is calm and friendly, but also filled with laughter and love. Our philosophy is that our residents are at the heart of every decision we make, every day that we plan, everything that we do. Their needs, abilities and aspirations are always our focus.

We are a Roman Catholic home, however, we welcome residents from all denominations.

Our people

The surroundings are beautiful and the staff professional, but it is the extra care and attention that our staff give that makes our home so special. From the Brothers to the kitchen staff, the nurses to the gardeners, the people in our home make us what we are. Everyone feels a sense of pride in the place we work and the care that we deliver.

Our People

More than a job

Meal times

Members of staff are there because they want to be, not just because it’s employment. In fact, many of our team have worked at the care centre for years. It is a huge part of their lives too. They care about the residents, their families and each other. This is reflected in how the residents are looked after and the ambience of the centre.

“Many of our staff have worked here for a very long time – we are very happy with our staff.”

The Brothers

The resident Priest and some of the Brothers provide pastoral care for residents family, friends and staff. They are regular, friendly faces around the home that bring a real feeling of calm and tranquility to the overall ambience of the community.

Daily Roman Catholic mass can be transmitted live to bedrooms in the Home on request for those residents who are unable to get to the Chapel. Communion can subsequently be brought to those residents.

Although our foundations are Roman Catholic, we welcome ministers of all denominations. All faiths are welcome to visit the home at any time.

The Alexian Brothers is the oldest existing lay brotherhood in the church today. The name comes from their patron saint, St Alexius, who was chosen as patron in the 15th century, but their work goes back to even earlier in the Middle Ages.

“The work we do here at the home is just a continuation of the work that Alexian Brothers have done for many years – if you look at the windows in the Chapel you can see our story.”
Alexian Brothers


Matron: Mrs Deborah Jones

Alexian Brothers Care Centre
171 St Mary’s Road
M40 0BL


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